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Josephine did an outdoor photoshoot of my three sons and we all loved the experience! She not only provided us with a very professional service but made it a fun and relaxed moment.
I also asked her to cover my husband's birthday party, which was a very different job to do and once again she didn't disappoint me. Thanks Josephine for those wonderful memories!

—  B. Benech

Jo Elvis did a fabulous job of capturing unique and special moments throughout our wedding, from the service, the organised family and friends shots, through to the post-wedding gathering the following day.In particular, we absolutely loved the portraits of many of our guests and the way she captured personalities and details.She worked beyond the call of duty to give us beautiful memories of many aspects of our wedding.
 — Marie Milner-Feliho

Josephine has been a real pleasure to work with. Her friendly easygoing ways help put you in a 
great frame of mind and gets great results because she really knows her craft. I was always very 
pleased with her work because she brings a genuine artistic flare to the process that is not easy to 
come by in the world of commercial portrait photography where the mundane is often the rule. It is 
a testament to her style that I always look forward to working with her.

— M. Lynes

Dear visitor,

Thanks for stopping by.

I am Joséphine, French lady living in London for more than a decade now.

Being born and raised in the same town as photography, I guess it was natural for me to turn towards that medium at an early age. Another of my main hobby was to observe people so combine the two, add a splash of artistic background, a simple and natural soul who enjoys searching for the depths in emotions et voilà!

Alternative wedding photography is my thing. I try to avoid posing and focus on capturing genuine expressions. I want to portray  who you are with an artistic twist.

I am a family portrait and wedding photographer, based in London, U.K — but I'll take any opportunity to travel!

When I'm not taking photos, you'll find me wandering around the streets of London, travelling the world or cooking for my loved ones ;)

If you like what you see on here, do not hesitate to contact me!
Get in touch with me using my contact form to tell me more about you, your project and discuss rates.

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